Our Staff

Dave Ripper

Lead Pastor

Matt Beattie

Downtown Campus Pastor and
Pastor of Missional Ministries

Caleb Davis

Tech Engineer

Brooke Detweiler

Worship Arts Director - Pond Campus

Tim Lafferty

Executive Pastor of Care & Administration

Blanche Joyce

Kidsway Service Director - Downtown Campus

Debbie LaFrance

Communications & Children's Ministry Administrator

Riani Martin

Tommy Riley

Executive Assistant, Bookkeeper &
Global Outreach Coordinator

Student Pastor

Jessica Schoenly

Jake Scott

Kidsway Service Director - Pond Campus

Milford Campus Pastor and Executive Pastor of Ministry

Nolen Smith

Anson Thibault

Worship Arts Director - Downtown Campus

Young Adult Pastor & Online Campus Pastor

Kim Verrecchia

Kim Williams

Kidsway Pond Director

Facilities Project Specialist


Dave Ripper

Lead Pastor

Mark Green

Downtown Campus

Dave Smith

Founding Pastor

John Hubbard

Milford Campus

Tim Lafferty

The Pond Campus