"Teach us to  pray."

Jesus lived in such a way that his disciples knew that the one thing they needed so desperately to know was how to pray. Prayer is central to life in the Kingdom of God, so luckily, Jesus made and modeled a way for prayer to become simple, easy, and exciting. At Crossway, as we practice the Way of Jesus together, we want to pursue that type of prayer and become people marked by God's presence not only on Sunday mornings, but on Tuesday afternoons and Friday nights, as we order our coffee, drive to work, and take our lunch breaks.

"I will pray until I become prayer itself."

Learn to pray

For most of us, when we pray it’s because something has gone really wrong, or we want something to go really right. Even still, it seems like every time we sit down to pray, we find ourselves distracted, hurried, and at a loss for the “right words.” 

Wednesday Prayer

Every Wednesday morning at 6am, we meet together over Zoom to pray. We diligently and boldly intercede for the needs and health of each other, for our Crossway community, for the cities and strangers around us, for the world, and for the global Church. Click the button below to join us on Wednesday mornings, we'd love to have you!

Ask for prayer

We want to come together around you as a community to support you in prayer. We believe that prayer has the ability to alter circumstances, to change hearts, to heal sickness, and most importantly, to draw us nearer to the Father. If you would like to submit a prayer request, you can do so by clicking the button below.