Young Adult Life Groups

Life Groups provide an essential environment for every young adult to have intimate friendships, accountability, and most importantly, a life rooted deeply in God. These groups are an integral part of our journey to live out our God-given calling, follow Jesus, and make disciples every day.
Life Groups are gender-specific, closed groups of 3-5 believers who meet together for accelerated spiritual transformation. Life Groups form through pre-existing, meaningful relationships with other believers in environments like small groups and ministry. Because of this, Life Groups are not simply joined; they are started!

What Do You Do in a Life Group?

The purpose of a Life Group is to practice discipleship with each other. It is a space where you commit to open your life up so others can encourage, challenge, lift up, and walk through life with you.

You meet consistently with your Life Group to:

  • Bear with each other (Gal. 6:2)
  • Love each other (1 John 4:12)
  • Care for each other (Phil. 2:4)
  • Serve each other (Gal. 5:13)
  • Encourage each other (Heb. 3:13)
  • Teach each other (Rom. 15:14)
  • Honor each other (Rom. 12:10)
  • Forgive each other (Eph. 4:32)
  • Hold each other accountable (James 5:16)

What is the difference between a Small Group and a Life Group?

While both Small Groups and Life Groups are core connect points for spiritual formation, they look very different:

Small Group

  1. Equipping for Discipleship

  2. Learning together about God

  3. Co-Ed or Gender-Specific

  4. Open Group

  5. Flexible Expectations from Members

Life Group

  1. Discipleship in Practice

  2. Sharing all of life with one another
  3. Gender-Specific

  4. Closed Group
  5. High Expectations and Commitment from Each Member

What do you talk about in a Life Group?

That depends on the group, what is going on in life, and what your individual desires are for the group. A good framework to use is to ask each person how they are doing physically, emotionally, relationally, mentally, and spiritually.

Some questions you can ask in a Life Group:

  • Where have you seen God in your life?
  • What has been causing you stress lately?
  • Are there aspects of life that you wish were different right now?
  • How is your soul?
  • What has been going well for you lately?
  • What has been leading you towards and away from Christ lately?
  • How have your emotions been?
  • How can I hold you accountable?

How do I join a Life Group?

Life Groups aren’t joined; they are started! A Life Group is intentionally created with people who are willing to dive into a deep level of vulnerability and openness into what is going on in your life, spiritual journey, and heart.

What should the Life Group look like?

The group can look like getting coffee twice monthly, talking about life, challenging each other, and investing in each other in vulnerable areas of life.