Learning is a part of Growing

At Crossway, we want to equip you for living an every day ministry to those around you. Whether it's a devotional, a 5-minute read, a podcast episode on your way to work, or a commitment to a few weeks of an in-person class, there's something for you! Explore below to dive a little deeper in the Bible, browse some articles, sign up for a class, and learn how to practice the Way of Jesus in your everyday life.
Calm and Quiet Contentment
July 27th, 2022
Psalm 131 - 5 minute read When was the last time you were deliberately quiet, both inside and out? What about  intentionally taking some time to be alone? How can we calm and quiet ourselves in our fast-paced and chatty world? For some people, the idea of being alone is scary; for others, being quiet is seemingly impossible; for most, both are really hard. Our world today is riddled with distracti...
The Depths of Guilt and Shame
July 19th, 2022
Psalm 130 - 8 minute read Have you ever felt the full weight of your actions so heavily that you have been crippled by shame? Is there a difference between guilt and shame, and what do they mean in the light of the Cross? How do we respond to God in the face of sin, shame, and suffering?...
God's Heart for Suffering
July 11th, 2022
Psalm 129 - 5 minute read If we're honest, this Psalm might make us a little uncomfortable. It is the song of a tired people pleading for justice against and rest from constant violent oppression; but it is also their testimony of their confidence in God’s constant loving faithfulness.Let’s take a look at the literary structure of Psalm 129 to see what it reveals about God’s heart for His people. ...
Family Matters
July 4th, 2022
Throughout the entire biblical story, it’s clear that having a family is hard work. Especially in the book of Genesis, there seems to be so much division among brothers and sisters, within families and with relatives, and between spouses.The widely used translation of two words in one verse in particular has made our understanding the “why” behind this hard reality a little harder. It’s a verse th...