Preschool Curriculum Training
for Small Group Leaders

SMALL GROUP LEADERS care for an assigned small group of children each week and consistently connect with their families. A small group leader is anyone who chooses to invest in the lives of a few to encourage authentic faith. They love God, care about kids, and are committed to consistently investing in their few.

Things every SGL should know and do.

Be Present: Connect their faith to a community by showing up predictably, mentally, and randomly. Charge to serve consistently. Prepare for your lesson, work through the games and activities. Attend pre-service huddle. Be in your classroom 10 minutes early, so you're ready to welcome parents and your kids!

Create a Safe Place: Clarify their faith as they grow by leading the group, respecting the process and guarding the heart. We’re creating that safe place for the churched children and more importantly the unchurched children that come to us. This is why we start with a social time to prepare them for the lesson. *Always match the security tag with the child and parent at pickup.

Partner with Parents: Nurture an everyday faith by cuing the parent, honoring the parent and reinforcing the family. Take the time to connect with the parents each Sunday. Thank them for bringing their child. Make it your own, but connect. Make sure they know the value of the Parent Cue card.

Make it Personal: By your example, inspire their faith by living in community, setting priorities and being real. Share your stories and connect it to the Bottom Line. Draw the kids out by sharing your stories, talk with them, not at them. Build their trust, so you become one of the 5 that every child needs to influence and lead them to love and follow Jesus above all else.

Know the Lingo
Three Basic Truths
The Four Faith Skills

Sneak Peek at a Typical Sunday

Programming Schedule
The Kidsway team will also do their best to prepare you for leading your Small Group, but since that group is made up of kids there will never be a typical Sunday. Hopefully your hour in Kidsway will look as close as possible to the plan, but it's OK if it doesn't.  Our number one priority every Sunday is not to get to all the activities, but to have the kids leave knowing they are loved by God and cared for by you.  *At this time, we are not having snacks.

Lesson Plan Sample
Lesson Plans are emailed the last week of each month for the following month. Attached is a sample lesson plan. You will find all the necessary materials for the lesson plan in your curriculum bin each Sunday.