Praying The Psalms

Basic to Christian faith is the practice of prayer.  Prayer is being with God—communicating with him about all the details of your life together.  But for many of us, we never get beyond the basics of prayer.  

For centuries, the Psalms have been a school for prayer for the people of God.  They provide a form and structure for engaging with God about all the events that occur, and emotions we feel, on a daily basis.  Often the Psalms are beautiful, but always they are earthy, real, raw.  The goal of the Psalms: deepening your life with God in community with others.

Of the 150 Psalms, a group of 15 (Psalms 120-134) were crafted and arranged together as the Psalms of Ascent.  They were songs and prayers for making pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  This summer—as many of us come and go to and from New England—we want to invigorate our prayer lives as a church, by learning to pray the Psalms of Ascent.  


Encountering Jesus

Nearly everyone knows something about Jesus.  But there’s a big difference between knowing about him and truly knowing him.  

Do you know him—personally?

In our new Crossway teaching series, Encountering Jesus, we are inviting you to cultivate an experiential friendship with Jesus by meeting him through the events of his final week of life.  As we make our way toward Easter, we’ll be exploring the powerful scenes of Jesus' life from The Gospel of John 13-21.   Our goal isn't to simply teach more information about him.  Our prayer is that we would experience transformation by encountering his presence through Scripture.  

Are you ready to know Jesus like never before?


Humility: Rediscovering the Lost Virtue

Christianity is founded on the virtue of humility.  The Scriptures tell us Jesus "humbled himself and became obedient to death—even death on a cross” (Philippians 2:8).  Yet when we think of Christians today, is humility a word that describes Christ-followers well?  Perhaps the absence of humility in the church today is a result of its misunderstanding.  Join us at Crossway as we rediscover what humility is, how to cultivate it, and why it is essential for the future of our faith.



Habakkuk had lots of hard questions for God, and he wasn't afraid to ask them. Habakkuk saw thing in his world that he viewed as unjust and brought them up with God time and again. The beautiful thing about the Book of Habakkuk is that God is not only unbothered by these questions he responds. Habakkuk's journey is one of heartbreak, questions, and faith. 


Experience Christmas

Wouldn’t you just love to have a “normal” Christmas this year?  The traditions, the food, the parties, presents and celebrations without any talk about mask-wearing, social distancing or vaccinations.  (Just the usual things we bicker about with relatives, right!?!?)

But just because times aren’t “normal” doesn’t mean we still can’t experience a Christmas that is life-giving, hope-instilling and faith-enriching.  This December here at Crossway Christian Church, we invite you to Experience Christmas with us!  



Many people assume the Bible is mainly about how people get into heaven.  But it is equally concerned with how we spend our days here on earth.  Living well now matters greatly to God. In such confusing, uncertain, difficult times, there is a desperate need to learn to live wisely and skillfully.  In short, we need wisdom.  

This month we invite you to pursue more than just accurate knowledge or the latest information.  We want to invite you to chase wisdom—the art of living well—through the tested, tried and true words of the Old Testament book of Proverbs.  Over the next five weeks, you will be invited to discover the spiritual wisdom, relational wisdom, financial wisdom, and vocational wisdom we all need to navigate these challenging times.


Giving Church Another Chance

When you think of church, what ideas, images or feelings come to mind?  According to a recent Barna study, only 21% of non-Christians have a positive perception of church.  But what if the church became about what the church should have been about all long?  How might this perception change?  This fall we want to invite you to our new series, Giving Church Another Chance. It’s an opportunity for each of us to recommit to being about what church should be about most: pursuing God, building community, and unleashing compassion.  No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we invite you to give church another chance with us.


Calling Home

Home is an ache we long for and plays a dominant theme in the stories from Luke 15 & 19.  A big part of inviting people to Jesus is inviting them to find their hearts true home.  We evangelize not to proselytize or to "win" or prove our faith in God, or even to assuage our guilt.  We share our faith because we have found our hearts true home.  People who have found home find people who are trying to find their way home.


Revelation The Last Word

Revelation is far from easy to understand.  Yet its message—a wake up call to the Church—is perhaps more needed now than ever.  Join us this spring and summer at Crossway, as we dive deeply into this puzzling, yet wonder-evoking book of the Bible.  As we’ll see, Revelation is not a code to decipher, but an opportunity to encounter Jesus like we never have before.


Above & Beyond

Maybe you’ve felt snuck recently: emotionally, relationally, vocationally—or even spiritually.  To get beyond what’s weighing you down or holding you back, each of us needs to look up.  We need to see things from Jesus’ perspective.  As we “seek the things that are above,” we’ll discover how we can get beyond our bitterness, our loneliness, and our disappointment, and experience newfound freedom like never before.


Easter Weekend 2021

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Unmasking Sin

You were made to walk in freedom, grow in love, and live in an ever-deepening relationship with God.  Yet, what stands in the way of this purpose is a disorder, a disease, a pathology that we call sin.

In our new series, Unmasking Sin, we’ll be learning from believers since the fourth century how to combat the seven deadly sins—vanity, envy, sloth, greed, anger, gluttony and lust.  As we expose these sins in our lives by calling them by name, we can experience greater freedom, joy and peace with God, others, and even ourselves.


Hearing God

How do we hear God's voice? How can we be sure we’re hearing God’s voice and not our own? What role does the Bible play? What if what God says to us is not clear? 

Join us as we explore critical faith questions like these in our new teaching series, Hearing God. We’ll discover why cultivating an overall lifestyle of listening to God is essential if we want to hear God in a specific way. 

Just imagine what a difference hearing God better could make for your life.

Reflect And Reset

Pastor Dave Ripper invites us to look back on 2020 through the lens of Mary and Joseph's story to discover God's lessons for us this year.  Pastor Jake Scott reflects on how we can make 2021 a year in which we actually practice the way of Jesus together.



We hate waiting.

We rarely have to. Entertainment is on-demand as is almost everything else. Perhaps waiting, not getting exactly what we want when we want it, is exactly what our soul needs. For centuries people looked forward to the coming Messiah. Then, Jesus came and he didn’t do what people expected. We are still waiting in an “already/not yet” tension. Advent is about waiting. 

Join us in the next 4 weeks of Advent as we learn how to do "waiting well."


Good News Now

In our disrupted world, and divided society, people are hurting, outraged, and simply exhausted like never before.  Who couldn’t use some good news? Or even better: a mulligan on 2020. But while this unwanted reality appears to have no end in sight, Jesus is inviting us to discover the good news of the kingdom of God.  It’s good, because we are invited to experience life with God.  It’s news, because this life in the kingdom is available to us.  So no matter what your now is—anxiety, depression, anger, fear, whatever—there is good news.


Join us as we study Jesus’ famous teaching—the Beatitudes from Matthew 5—in our fall series, Good News Now



Let’s Go!
Like the team taking the field.
Like kids on the beach running towards water.
Like the entrepreneur launching a new venture.
Like the woman stepping out in faith.

God called us to go.
To go and make disciples. 

To go together on mission. 

To go and change the word.

Join us as we discover how God is calling us to go.
Let’s go, church!



As we look back at the course of our lives we notice that, sometimes, the moments that were hardest are the same moments where we grew the most. What if we knew we were going through one of those moments and we maximized it? What could God do in us and through us?


Ephesians is a book where Paul, the author, is guiding a church through one of those exact moments. He believes and calls them to resilient lives, and if they do God will send renewal and revival in their hearts, homes and neighborhoods. This book has as the turning point a phrase where Paul challenges the church in Ephesus, and us today to walk worthy of the calling God has for us, even in uncertain times. 


Join us as we work our way through the book of Ephesians and if you do we believe God will bless and challenge you towards renewal and revival.


The Transformation Power of Gratitude

We often believe that when we have more, are more joyful, live life with more purpose we will become more grateful, but in reality when we practice gratitude Jesus transforms us into a joyful, purpose-filled person.


"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." - 1 Thessalonians 5:18⁠


A Conversation with the Boston Bruins on Life, Hockey, and Following Jesus

"But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect." - 1 Corinthians 15:10

Current NHL Boston Bruins Torey Krug, Brandon Carlo, Chris Wagner, David Backes, and Adam McQuaid join Pastor Dave Ripper* to talk about why Jesus is worth following and how our ultimate identity can only be found in Him.

Lead Pastor Dave Ripper is the Bruins' chaplain, having co-founded the Bruins' chapel program in 2016.



To The Cross

Jesus famously said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23) 


What does it mean to take up your cross daily?  


This Lent we’ll explore this essential aspect of practicing the way of Jesus as we follow him on his journey To The Cross through the Gospel of Mark.  We invite you to join us each week—leading up to Easter—as we endeavor to be with Jesus, so that we might live and become more like him.


State of the Church

How do you discern God’s will for your life? In this message, Pastor Dave Ripper shares how transformation is the prerequisite to discernment. Not only so, but as we have been discerning God’s will for our church, we are discovering that He is leading us to be a community of transformation. How might God be inviting you to change, so that you may bring change to the world around you?


Prayer Life

Prayer is for life. Life is for prayer. In this new series we invite you to take a fresh look at prayer, and at your life. Prayer is not simply about saying things to God. Rather, prayer is a life that is directed towards God. Because all of us can direct our attention more and more to God, all of us can grow as people of prayer. Yes, even you!


What A Beautiful Name

Have you ever experienced the power in the name of Jesus? This Advent, we are exploring the five names the prophet Isaiah provides us for who the coming Messiah will be: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Immanuel. Each of these names offers us hope for where we hurt most. Each of these names reveals more of who Jesus is and how we can relate to him. Each of these names assures us that our God is a God we can call upon and count on. We invite you to discover the beauty and the power in the name that is above every name this month.


Giving > Getting

Jesus once said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  When Jesus said this, he wasn’t constructing a hypothesis to be tested, he was simply stating what is true of reality.  The degree to which we cultivate generous spirits is the degree to which we will be able to live in rhythm with how God fashioned the world.  As we live in the rhythm of God, we will experience greater freedom, and joy, and peace than ever before.  Join us this month as we learn to practice the way of Jesus by becoming more generous people.  


Who Do You Say I Am?

This question Jesus poses to his disciples is the same question he asks each of us.  It is arguably the single most significant question any of us may ever answer.  It not only impacts our eternal future, but how we live every moment of every day.  We invite you to join us at Crossway this fall as we explore who Jesus is as we study the Gospel of Mark together.  Come and discover the Jesus you may never have known before.


Faith & Work

What you do Monday through Saturday—and not just Sunday—matters immensely to God.  Join us this week as we discover how our Sunday faith connects to our Monday work.



The book of Jonah is one of the Bible's most well-known, yet most misunderstood stories. What's the bigger message behind a man being swallowed by a whale? In this four week series, we'll discover - like Jonah does - some of the uncomfortable truths about ourselves that we'd rather ignore. Yet we'll also learn to trust God even when his commands don't seem to make any sense. Join us as we follow Jonah's journey into deep, deep mercy of God.



In our superficial world, how can we be a church deep in faith? Our sermon series, "Deepen" explores, not only what it looks like for us to have deeper faith individually, but what it looks like to be a church that has a deeper presence in our shallow world. Each message examines one of six ways the Christian church has lived  out the mission of God, helping people experience the life and love of Christ in a new, life-giving way.  


Practicing The Way Of Jesus

What does it really mean to “follow” Jesus? To really be with him, become like him and do what he did? Is it even possible in today’s world to live life in community around the teachings of Jesus? How do we move our faith from a thought to a lifestyle?  This series examines how Practicing the Way of Jesus transforms us and brings us true freedom and peace. 


On The Road

Are we numb? As a society, are we transfixed by phones, tablets and computer screens? As Christians, are we insensitive to the amazing things of God all around us? And, as a result, are we missing our true calling as followers of Jesus?


We’re taking some time to explore with fresh eyes what Jesus saw, experienced and taught On The Road through the Gospel of Luke. He “sets His face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51) on what will be his final journey in that city. He will meet opposition, betrayal, trial, death and, ultimately, resurrection. As we travel On The Road with Him toward Easter, we will rediscover Jesus and ourselves in a fuller, truer and richer way.  Don’t miss the journey!


God's Heart

There are many issues dividing people in our nation today, such as race and immigration. It is easy for us to jump on the bandwagon of our preferred political party. But as followers of Jesus, this is not where we should begin. God wants us to begin with His  Word, and His heart for all people. This does not mean we will agree on the solutions to the challenges these issues present. But no matter where we land, we are to reflect God’s heart for every person.


Amazing Grace

Join us as we look this month at God's Amazing Grace. His scandalous, extravagant grace

is for all of us, irreligious and religious. As we begin to embrace the fullness of His grace,  it will

change us forever.


Christmas at Crossway

In this series, we will journey together through Scripture in anticipation of the savior to come. Together, we will look at passages of Scripture from both the Old and New Testament in order to paint a broad picture of the promises God has made and kept to the world, to Israel, and to us   


Together On Mission



Join us as we take a deep dive into the book of John, journeying through verse by verse. We're taking a look at the life and teachings of Jesus.