Learning is a part of Growing.

At Crossway, we want to push you toward Christ in the ways you live, learn, and love those around you. We want to offer classes that help you along the journey of practicing the Way of Jesus.


Trailhead is four one-hour (in person and online) group gatherings that you can join in any order, at your own pace.

The four sessions — Welcome, Known, Needed, and Grown — represent our promises to you. As you become deeply connected with Crossway, these four things are what we desire for you, and we promise to work towards alongside you.

Monday School

Many of us have made Jesus our Savior. Fewer of us have made Jesus our teacher. Who or what is teaching you how to live the one life you’ve been given?

On Monday evenings Crossway is offering an environment to help you learn to live like Jesus—Monday School. If we desire to do everything Jesus said (Matthew 28:19), we cannot merely try hard, we must train well. We must train our heart, head, and hands to live, lead and love like Christ. Monday School is our opportunity to be trained in the areas of spiritual formation (heart), theology (head), and ministry (hands).