“The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Genesis 2:15

The Crossway Christian Church Gardens provide the space and opportunity to nurture relationships among community members of Nashua and the church.  By planting on this land, food and friendships will grow providing nourishment for the spirit, the heart and the body.  

Contact Melissa for more information or to be involved.

Crossway Community Garden was blessed with an amazing first year!

Thank you to all the incredible volunteers who water, weeded and harvested throughout the season! Our garden produced bushels of peppers, tomatoes, corn, onion, squash, cucumber and watermelon. All which supported Grow Nashua’s three Lil Free Farmstands until the end of September. 

Update from Lil Free Farmstand:

Our three locations we were able to serve over 7,700 pounds of fresh produce this season thanks to 150+ different Gardeners that give sharing their harvest!   To put that in perspective when you pop into the grocery store and leave with a single plastic veggie bag of fruits and veggies that averages about 7 pounds.  So this is over one-thousand of those bags that went home with families this season!

Here is what families have to say:

My kids absolutely love going to the stand, coming home and showing their nonnie the veggies that they received while there!  Then they make veggie wraps :)

I love that there are different vegetables sometimes! Also, my son and I enjoy contributing to the Farmstand when we can. Great veggies. 

The Farmstand matters for us a lot. It change my life my connection with trash food because I saw the opportunity to have healthy fresh food on table and very amazing and support community there. All this situation with COVID-19 I lost my job and I decided for me and all my little kids I’m not give up ever love you guys!

If you would like to join the Crossway Community Garden next year, please contact Melissa Kosman.

It's Growing!

We’re so thankful to have an amazing group of garden volunteers! The fruits of their labor are paying off and we’ll be making our first donation of peppers, herbs and lettuce to the Lil’ Free Farmstand in Nashua in July. We can’t wait to bless more families in Nashua as we continue to harvest more vegetables and herbs.