All of our efforts as a church the week of October 3rd-9th will be geared around helping Crossway experience serving outside our walls as a congregation. We have a number of preassigned “Big Serve” opportunities for you, your family, and your small group in Nashua, Milford and many other communities. We encourage you and your family to save the week so you can experience what it is like being part of a Big Serve in your community.

Organizations and Registration

The Tolles Street Mission- 

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  • On the side of the building is a low platform small deck. Two stairs leading up to it are not supported well on one end. The composite decking on these stairs needs to be removed, support added below them, and the decking put back in place. 
  • A new set of pull-down stairs were installed to get into the attic from the main floor. These stairs need to be trimmed out with 1x6 boards. 

Marguerite's Place
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  • Cleaning and painting a program apartment to prepare for an incoming family. *Supplies provided by program

PAL (Police Athletic League)

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  • Supporting PAL's Fall Festival.  There will be a number of stations set up (games, crafts, photo booth, food distribution (chick-fil-a), etc.). Each station will need 1-2 people to run the activity (greet the kids and families, explain the activity, handout prizes if applicable, etc.). We also need a few people to serve as runners, to help troubleshoot/deliver supplies, etc. to support the PAL director at the event. If people are willing, they would love to have some new stations created by our volunteers -fall oriented crafts (something to take home) and fall oriented games. If attending in person isn't an option, creating a craft or game for the event would be wonderful.

Joni and Friends

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  • Assist with carnival activities, possibly registration/t-shirts, and greeters at the road welcoming attendees to the "Walk n Roll" event. We may also help pass out lunches provided by Chick-fil-A. 

Pond Community Garden

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  • Volunteers will be working in the garden and getting it ready for the winter. Taking down the trellis, removing old plants, weeding, storing equipment, possibly planting winter produce and fertilizing for the winter. 

Real Options Pregnancy

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  • General cleaning


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  • Packing groceries for people from the food pantry (adults only & must be vaccinated)

Grow Nashua

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  • Cleaning garden beds and mulching 
  • Need one or two people with a Nashua dump sticker