Student Ministry at Crossway is designed to motivate students and create moments in teenagers’ lives that will make a lasting impact as we explore what true discipleship and community is in Christ. 

Middle and High School Students can expect music, games, teaching and intentional community. The goal of Crossway Student Ministries is to create an environment to teach students to make good choices, influence their friends well and experience intentional ministry through serving one another. Questions? Please contact Student Ministry Pastor Tommy Riley

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Welcome Message From Crossway's New Student Pastor


Large Group

Meets every Sunday beginning September 13th

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Location: Pond Campus | 503 Main Dunstable, Nashua

Sunday Large Group is designed to provide students a fun and safe place to be with friends and discover a real and lasting relationship with God. Check out our calendar below to see when the next Large Group gathering is happening!

Small Groups

Small Groups are designed to give students the chance to interact more on a personal level with peers in order to build stronger relationships that encourage and challenge each student individually. Groups gather throughout the week with peers and leaders to deepen their spiritual lives and talk about life, the Bible and God.


Small Groups are organized by age group and gender and are offered in both Nashua and Milford areas. Due to to Covid 19, all Nashua groups will meet at the Pond campus where we can practice social distancing. 


Here are a few general safety guidelines we have created

for our CSM groups and events:

  • In meeting in person, we want to honor social distancing and remaining 6 feet apart from others. All attendees should bring their own lawn chair with them when the event is outdoors and space the group out into a large circle for hangout time.
  • The use of face masks indoors will follow the overall Crossway guidelines. Students will be expected to wear a face mask when they are moving about the building or not able to social distance indoors. When students are seated in their groups and socially distanced, they may choose to remove their masks

  • Snacks and other foods will be pre-packaged or served by volunteers wearing masks and gloves. Hand sanitizer will be supplied to everyone before eating.
  • Students may use shared balls for sports, but sports where they can throw/kick balls to one another will be encouraged instead of engaging in sports activities that have direct body contact.
  • Safety is a top priority for us, aligned with helping students stay connected and grow in their faith during this time of crisis. We thank you for your patience and understanding and we continually navigate how best to live in this tension, and please let us know how we can continue to serve you best.

Google Calendar

Add this to your google calendar so that you can keep up with everything going on with Student Ministries!


Do you want to bridge the gap with your preteen and create a deep connection through the midst of a loud culture? Crossway Student Ministries has partnered with AXIS to bring you a library of resources that dig deep into young adult culture and provide you with ways to be in the know, be ready, and bridge the gap. 

For more information contact Andrea Andris our Family Life Pastor to receive a link for exclusive and free resources.

Release Form

Student Events are planned throughout the year. A Student Release Form is required for students attending any of our trips, retreats, or big events. An updated form is required each calendar year.

Looking To Serve?

We have a lot of opportunities for adults who want to get involved in the lives of students. Check out the ways you can serve and the steps needed to get started. See details here.