Regathering of Kidsway

Our priority in Kidsway has always been to create a safe, fun and welcoming place for children to learn about God’s love for them. We are excited to announce that with all the modifications that so many of you have made to worship together, we feel Kidsway may soon safely begin to regather.

Kidsway will begin a phased in approach by first inviting our elementary students to join us. We will re-evaluate each week, relying on state and CDC guidelines. These guidelines will be considered before moving forward with the current phase or expanding to the next phase.

Unless circumstances and the state dictate otherwise, Kidsway will begin regathering on Sunday, May 2nd for K-2nd grade students. We will communicate any changes to Kidsway directly to you by email.

Following are the regathering guidelines we are implementing. We hope that, with your support, we may continue to provide a safe and fun environment where our kids may continue to practice the ways of Jesus together.


General Safety Precautions

All volunteers will be masked and temperatures taken before entering Kidsway.

All surfaces will be sanitized to the best of our abilities before use.

All children will be asked to wear a mask.

No food, drink or personal items will be allowed in the classroom



The children in each Kidsway class will follow the social distance standard of staying three feet apart. 

A basket of weekly supplies will be provided for each individual student. This basket will be sanitized each week. 

Activities will maintain social distancing standards.

Hand sanitizer will be used before entering the classroom, between certain activities and at dismissal.


Check-in & Pick-up

Parents should use Remote check-in when at all possible. A volunteer will check in your family at the kiosk.

Children will be walked back to the classroom by a volunteer. 

Children will be dismissed one at a time to the check-in station, where a volunteer will bring them to the adult with the security tag.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we begin the regathering process. As always, if you have any questions, concerns or we can be of any help, please contact us.


Melissa Kosman
Children’s Ministry Pastor
603.594.0123, x214