Pond Campus

Saturday April 20th - 4:00pm, 5:30pm

Sunday April 21st - 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:45am

Downtown Campus

Sunday April 21st - 9:30am, 11:15am

Milford Campus
(Meeting at the Amato Center, Milford)

Sunday April 21st - 9:00am, 10:30am

*Kidsway available nursery through second grade for all services.



The jump from spring to Easter can be easy. One happy moment leading to another as we celebrate the reappearance of plants, the renewal of warmer temperatures and the resurrection of Christ. Yet skipping the sorrowful moments of Lent and Good Friday may leave us with a light version of Easter. We have not recalled the darker days, not lived in the shadows of sin enough, to truly experience the joy of Easter.


Together, at our Good Friday service, we will participate in the story of Jesus’ death through reading Scripture, singing songs, and sharing in communion. Together we will prepare our hearts, souls, minds, and strengths for the silence of Holy Saturday and the victory of Easter Sunday. 

April 19th     Downtown Campus     7pm

* Kidsway Programming Will Not Be Available *

Holy Week Reading Plan

Preparing Our Hearts For Easter

Day                       Luke

Monday               19:45-20:19

Tuesday                20:20-47

Wednesday          21:1-38

Thursday              22:7-23

Friday                   22:66-23:56

Saturday               Reflect

For a downloadable version of our Holy Week Reading Plan, click HERE.


Preparing Ourselves For Easter

Are we numb? As a society, are we transfixed by phones, tablets and computer screens? As Christians, are we insensitive to the amazing things of God all around us? And, as a result, are we missing our true calling as followers of Jesus?

We’re taking some time to explore with fresh eyes what Jesus saw, experienced and taught On The Road through the Gospel of Luke. He “sets His face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51) on what will be his final journey in that city. He will meet opposition, betrayal, trial, death and, ultimately, resurrection. As we travel On The Road with Him toward Easter, we will rediscover Jesus and ourselves in a fuller, truer and richer way.  Don’t miss the journey!


On The Road Reading Plan

Day                                        Luke

March 11                        9:51-62

March 12                        10:1-12

March 13                      10:13-24

March 14                      10:25-42

March 15                        11:1-13

March 16                      11:14-26

March 18                      11:27-36

March 19                      11:37-54

March 20                        12:1-12

March 21                      12:13-21

March 22                      12:22-34

March 23                      12:35-48

March 25                      12:49-59

March 26                        13:1-17

March 27                      13:18-30

March 28                   13:31-14:6

March 29                        14:7-24

March 30                      14:25-35

April 1                              15:1-10

April 2                            15:11-32

April 3                              16:1-18

April 4                            16:19-31

April 5                              17:1-19

April 6                            17:20-37

April 8                              18:1-14

April 9                            18:15-30

April 10                          18:31-43

April 11                            19:1-10

April 12                          19:11-27

Download the reading plan HERE